Chinese philosophy teacher Derek Li Si Ming wanted to upgrade the functionality and redesign the look of his existing website, he wanted the new site to be available in multiple languages and to be accessed easily on anything from the smallest mobile phone screen to a 28″ high res monitor. We delivered a multi language responsive website  that provides an attractive easy to use interface for visitors in English and Chinese. Meditation and Chinese Philosophy can help people from all walks of life, Derek uses the site to publish weekly classes through his site to people all over the world and because the site now responsive, everyone can access it easily even on their phones or tablets.

We optimised the site structure to improve SEO and to ensure the page load times are fast, An accessible website is vital to ensure that visitors who do click on to the site stay and look around and will want to come back again and again. These updates will help more people to find out about the meditation and Chinese teaching that Derek offers and allow him to get more students.

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