With this website we have tried to create the best of both worlds. The style and convenience of a one page website for most of the content, but also a blog that functions separately giving our client Arktis/Air the ability to update their website with the latest news easily. To achieve this the website still has the standard layout in the blog area but all other pages are consolidated into one easy to navigate page . The result is a  One page, responsive, multi language website that  Is as easy to navigate on platforms like Android and Iphone as it is on traditional computer based browsers.

Arktis/Air requested a multi language website- English for international fans and German for their local fan base so we set up their website to automatically detect the visitor’s language and redirect them to the desired version of the website, of course the can switch languages from the menu if they prefer.

Technical specifications

This multi language website was built with WordPress CMS and Twitter bootstrap frameworks. For those of you that don’t know what these are is basically means the website comes loaded with a ton of great features that makes it easy for arktis air to keep their own blog updates and publish upcoming concert dates without them having to study for a week just to learn how to do it! WordPress is a great platform for non tech users to be able to keep their website up to date with fresh content without needing to pay a expert to do it for them. For the button animations we used CSS3 and for the scrolling on the one page area and menu animation we used Jquery.

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